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Red Glasses Sculpture Stories

The Red Glasses Sculpture is made of stainless steel and was designed by international entrepreneur, Sam Noordhoff and entered into ArtPrize in 2021, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sam is inspired by the mission of the Red Glasses Movement because it reminds him of his father, M. Samuel Noordhoof, MD, and his love and adoration for children. Sam’s hope is this sculpture will continue to remind us all to see and live differently and with big love.

This is a special place where Red Glasses Sculpture visitors share photos and thoughts about living boldly, loving big, and passing it on!

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Auto Draft 63

We will never shy away from telling people how much we care and showing […]

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Auto Draft 62

Keep in touch with highschool friends. Never grow up so much that you forget […]

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Auto Draft 61

We choose to live everyday as it could be our last! -Samantha Kolbe

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Auto Draft 60

Keep checking things off the bucket list! -Carrie Muterspaugh

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Auto Draft 59

Our family loves big by practicing kindness always. Thank you, Audrey, for sharing your […]

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Auto Draft 58

Vacation with my family, family and grandkids! -Julie Levandoski

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Auto Draft 57

I am upbeat, smile at strangers, hug a lot and try to perform random […]

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We live very boldly by empowering all women. -Kimberly Howell

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Auto Draft 55

As new comers to ArtPrize and West Michigan we live boldly, love big and […]

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Auto Draft 54

A year ago my husband and I sold 95% of all of our material […]

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