I try to think about her and live like her everyday

I received my Red Glasses one week before the school closed due to covid 19. I was so happy to hear my name called over the intercom. I was really excited to receive this award because of the meaning behind it. All around the school before I won the red glasses there were signs with pictures of Audrey and a message about her story. Every time I would see that sign I would think about the qualities of Audrey. How she was so kind and looked at life in such a positive way. She didn’t let any of the challenges in life stop her. After winning the glasses Audrey´s story stuck with me and I try to think about the qualities she embodied often. I keep the glasses on my dresser so they are one of the first things I see in the morning and they make me think about the kindest little girl you could ever meet with the contagious smile. She always lived boldly, loved big and Audrey wanted to pass that on. I try to think about her and live like her every day!
Charlotte, 7th grader at Rupert A. Nock Middle School