Red Glasses Movement Goes North

You know when you find that special place where all your kiddos are happy. They magically play together without fighting, the view is pretty spectacular, and (thank you Jesus) there is a public bathroom. It’s like capturing a unicorn! That is Greilickville Harbour Park for us. A tiny, little park on Lake Michigan in Traverse City.
Even after losing Audrey we always go back and play a game of tag and run around the play structure and maybe dip our toes in the water. For sure, we all think about the one of us that is missing and that we all wish she was there, making her way up the little hills or down the slide and joining in the fun. We know in our hearts, she is never far and that she is looking down and cheering us on.
We are happy to say there is also a physical spot to remember here there now. A little park bench with her name on it and maybe even a pair of tiny red glasses to share.
We’ve all seen cute little benches around, at parks and trails that are a memorial for a loved one. Makes me wonder what sweet memories or special stories are behind those lovely little spots to sit. Also makes me ridiculously grateful to be able to tell you Audrey’s story again and again and the mission she has left with us all. Thanks for listening, being inspired, and sharing…sure means a lot to this family of ours.
PHOTO: Audrey’s Papa and Nada, bench creators and keepers of RGM pins you can find attached to bench from time to time