Kindness is what makes us “cool”

I  own a pair of red glasses for reading that I often wear while working with my students. I am an 8th grade teacher and the thought that I might help inspire my students to approach life like Audrey did warms my heart.  I aspire to be a positive role model, showing by example that it is good to be kind to everyone and to have patience for each person, that this kindness is what makes us “cool” and well liked by others so that we can spread positivity wherever we go. I encourage my students to take risks like including others, asking questions, and participating in things outside their comfort zone. My goal is for them to participate fully, in class as well as in life, and to me this means to be kind to others, work hard, have fun and do good in the world around you. Audrey has been an inspiration to me and I hope I can help spread her spirit to others.
-Mary Kate Allen, 8th grade teacher