God was gifting us huge and our lives just got a whole lot sweeter

Joining St. Thomas after we moved here, I can recall seeing adorable little Audrey at mass. Our children went to school briefly at St. Thomas and when we found out our son would be born with a serious heart defect and most likely Down syndrome, we received daily prayer from the Prayer Warriors. Getting to know Kelly a little through the group, I was in awe of how joyful and gracefully she carries herself. I can see how she lives with her daughter’s same spirit.
Knowing about Audrey and other littles in our community with Down syndrome, I was able to feel incredibly blessed when we saw our son when he was born. I knew that God was gifting us huge and our lives just got a whole lot sweeter.
Now Elijah is 8 months old and he has the same spirit as Audrey Lou. I can tell. Whenever he is tired or fussy, I sing him a Hail Mary and his face lights up and he beams a big open smile.
These little ones, God created especially sweet, innocent and joyful. I already know as a parent, my role of getting Elijah to Heaven is easy. I also know that he will help US get to Heaven easier.
Thanks for starting this movement and keeping Audrey’s spirit here with us and advocating for the absolute JOY children with Down syndrome embrace.

-Maria Bostic