CLEAR Group Gets Real with Red Glasses

If you are looking for something GOOD in your day…this is IT!! LOOK a little closer to see Officer Paul Smith, Tricia Worrell, director of prison and jail ministries, , Yago Williams, director of prison and jail ministries for Pastor James Jones, and the loving members of CLEAR. ⁠

You may remember hearing about CLEAR back around Christmas time when so many of you lovingly purchased our “Pass it On Paper” to help support CLEAR and it’s mission. CLEAR is a support group to help those returning to the community on parole or probation from incarceration. CLEAR exists to break the cycle of recidivism by building community and law enforcement relationships to lead, educate, and mentor returning citizens, thereby creating safe communities and improving lives. CLEAR stands for Coalition, Leadership, Education, Advice and Rehabilitation.❤️ ⁠

RGM had the opportunity to attend a CLEAR meeting and meet it’s members and present them with a donation of almost $1300!! 100% of this donation came from YOU and YOUR “Pass It On Paper” purchases. ⁠

Even more important than the funding was the great conversation that occurred after sharing Audrey’s story and the mission of the Red Glasses Movement during the CLEAR meeting. Like many of these chats show us…we found we are all MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT. We could not help but see the parallels between returning citizens and people like Audrey, people with disabilities but also people without disabilities. ⁠

At the end of the day…it again came back to taking the time to listen to others…to be vulnerable enough to share our story. A lesson Audrey taught us again and again..telling us to “slow down mama”, “sit and play”, and “I love you”. She didn’t reserve the “I love you’s” or “sit and play’s” just for friends and family. She invited ALL…left no friend unmade….whether you were 90 or 2…a friend or a COMPLETE stranger:). She allowed us to see the importance of learning each others stories and loving beyond typical boundaries.

Thank you CLEAR for having an open mind and letting us come join your meeting and hearing Audrey’s story. Thank you to Officer Paul, Yago, and Tricia for bringing together citizens and law enforcement to achieve a common goal. We ALL NEED EACH OTHER and can SERVE EACH OTHER in so many ways!! HUMANITY for the WIN again!!!