Big Bold Life Saving Love in Escanaba by Tiffany Olsick

I first heard Audrey’s story at a virtual home visiting conference. A little time later, I received my own Red Glasses. and was reminded to live and love big and pass it on. I am part of a wellness committee at our school , so I reached out to the team and they loved the idea. With the help of the RGM, DSISD, and the Red Cross we were able to partner and hold a blood drive on February 3rd in memory of Audrey. While it was in her memory, it was also a part of her legacy. We were able to recruit over 40 donors that day (We had a limit due to COVID guidelines)! We had students and staff who volunteered that day, blood donors (20 new donors too!) and the opportunity to share Audrey’s message. I will continue to share her story in my personal and professional life. All of my family members will receive Red Glasses on their birthdays, starting with our Grandma O who will be 97 this month. Like Kelly says in her video, this is all 100% good!
Thank You Audrey for your positive impact in the Upper Peninsula!

-Tiffany Olsick