Slow Down

Slow Down Mama

A few weeks before Audrey passed away she came up with a new “one liner”. She was always throwing out these little quips…shut up, look at your butt (those ones got her a few calls home from preschool), pretty earrings mama, where’s samah-tommy?, happy birthday, good girl, I love you ______(every human she met). We hung on every word she said because she worked hard for every. single. one. So, when she out of the blue, started telling me to “SLOW DOWN MAMA”…we noticed.

Pretty sure she was talking about my driving. But I can’t help but wonder if she had a double meaning. What a lesson to learn from a five year old??? I have to say, slowing down has never been my strong suit. I love a busy day and staying active. I love to fall into bed exhausted from the hustle and bustle. But the gift of slowing down…nothing beats it. I hear her in my ear every time I want to run in the office and work or fold the 18th load of laundry. I hear her tell me, slow down and snuggle mama. Slow down and look those people you love in the eye. See their whole face. Enjoy the little “in between” moments. Put your phone down mama. Do the dishes later mama. I hear her and the result is ALWAYS worth it.

A friend, had this keychain made for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She must have heard me tell this story. She knew how worthwhile, a good ol’ slow down is. We hope to pass on that inspiration and license to SLOW DOWN to you all.

-Kelly Jandernoa