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Have you ever been touched by someone with incredible warmth and kindness? If so, you know there’s something special, something we can all learn from others. The Red Glasses Movement celebrates this spirit. We were inspired by a wonderful little girl named Audrey Louise. She wasn’t just a daughter, a neighbor, and a friend; she was also an inspiration. Every moment of Audrey’s short life was a testament to living boldly and loving big. We should all try to live that way. Audrey’s Red Glasses helped her see, but in a way, they also helped us to see the world in a better, kinder light.

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The Red Glasses Movement isn’t just about remembering one amazing little girl. It’s about embracing and spreading the way she lived her life and inspired so many. We aim to encourage everyone to live with that same kind of boundless love and joy. Through our advocacy for people of all abilities and Red Glasses Takeovers, we promote the values of inclusivity, warmth, and kindness that Audrey embodied.

Show others that you live boldly and love big.

Our branded merchandise is more than just items; they are emblems of our cause. From the iconic Red Glasses to apparel and accessories, each piece carries a message of love, kindness, and the courage to live boldly. By purchasing these items, you not only keep Audrey’s legacy alive but also help spread the movement’s message far and wide. We are a non-profit organization and all proceeds from merchandise sales fund our outreach efforts.


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Hear from the hearts touched by the movement. Discover stories of individuals and families whose lives have been brightened by the warmth and kindness of Audrey. Join us, share your story, and be part of this ever-growing wave of love and positivity.


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